Gudda Bio

Born in San Jose Ca., Gudda Gudda?s family moved to New Orleans when he was a baby while his father served in the military. He grew up in the 9th Ward, where he befriended Lil Wayne at age 10. ?Wayne saw something in me that I didn?t see in myself,? he says. ?He encouraged me to put pen to pad and write raps about some of the things I?ve seen and been through in my life. I was heading down a negative road, but once I started concentrating on my music everything changed for the better and I turned my life around.? And though performing alongside Lil Wayne and the rest of the Yong Money family at the 2009 BET Awards was certainly a career highlight, the best is yet to come. As one of the first artists signed to YME, Gudda?s role in the group is to be the underground rapper who epitomizes the grimy MC from the gutter; hence, the name Gudda Gudda.

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