Gudda Guddas Top 5 Emcees

  • Andre 3000 has to go in there. Andre? Come on man. He’s one of those cats. If you’re from the South, Andre is not even a question. They raised all of us in the South.
  •  [And] you can’t leave Big Boi out [either]. If you’re from the South, OutKast has to be in your Top 5.

  • Pimp C has to go in there. And you have to have Bun B there too. There’s no way you’re from the South and they’re not in your Top 5. That just don’t make sense. They’re part of how we were raised being from down South.

  • D*mn. Let me get Lil Wayne in there. He’s definitely gotta go in there. I’m going to give my honest opinion not just because this is my n*gga and my friend. I just feel like he’s the most versatile artist. Ever. Period. In all aspects. There’s nothing he can’t do or talk about. There’s nothing he can’t do. That’s what makes him who he is. He’s just one of the most versatile artists, period. Nobody will ever match that. I don’t care who you name. Nobody’s gonna match him.

  • Who else, who else? Of course I have to put Jadakiss in there. You can’t have a Top 5 without Jadakiss. I always thought he was in the top three best rappers of all time. I just feel like people respect him, a lot of artists respect him but he still doesn’t get all of the respect he deserves in the rap game. So Jadakiss is always gonna be that underrated rapper to me.

  • Last one, I have to make this one right. I’ve got Outkast, UGK, Pimp C, Lil Wayne, Jadakiss and I got one more. Man. 8Ball & MJG. Those are some people that I was really raised on. 8Ball & MJG. They played a big role in everything that I love about hip-hop. Period. They’re just classic. Everything they did in the South, they did it on an independent level. That was just a real serious thing for me, as far as getting into hip-hop. I love 8Ball & MJG.

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